The A3D3 Team

A multi-disciplinary and geographically distributed team with the primary mission to lead a paradigm shift in the application of real-time artificial intelligence (AI).


Contributing faculty at the intersection science AI.


Contributing students and postdoctoral scholars.


The Institute team reflects a collaborative effort of Principal Investigators ten academic institutions.

University of Washington, Seattle

Shih-Chieh Hsu (Associate Professor, Phys), Scott Hauck (Professor, ECE), Amy Orsborn (Assistant Professor, ECE & Bioeng), Eli Shlizerman (Associate Professor, ECE & AMath

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Phil Harris (Assistant Professor, Phys), Erik Katsavounidis (Senior Research Scientist, Phys), Song Han (Assistant Professor, EECS)

California Institute of Technology

Matthew Graham (Research Professor, Astro)

Duke University

Kate Scholberg (Professor, Phys)

University of California San Diego

Javier Duarte (Assistant Professor, Phys)

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Mark Neubauer (Professor, Phys), Deming Chen (Professor, EE)

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Michael Coughlin (Assistant Professor, Phys)

Purdue University

Mia Liu (Assistant Professor, Phys), Maria Cristina Makin (Assistant Professor, BioEng)

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Kael Hanson (Professor, WIPAC), Benedikt Riedel (Research Scientist, WIPAC), Jeff Weber (Engineer, WIPAC)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Pan Li (Assistant Professor, ECE)

Institute of Electronics,
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Bo-Cheng Lai(Professor)

University of Pennsylvania

Dylan Rankin (Assistant Professor, Phys)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Xiangyang Ju(Computing System Engineer, Scientific Data Division)

Westmont College

Benjamin Carlson (Assistant Professor, Phys)