Monthly Seminars

Upcoming seminars

May 13, 2024. Josh Bloom.The Real AI Revolution in Astronomy Hasn’t Happened Yet. Indico.

June 10, 2024. Gregor Kasieczka. Indico.

Previous seminars

April 8, 2024. Adam Charles. Enabling big neuroscience through computational advances. YouTube. Indico.

March 11, 2024. David Hogg, Is machine learning good or bad for astrophysics? YouTube. Indico.

February 12, 2024. Chethan Pandarinath, AI models of population dynamics precisely link state space trajectories with behavior in the mammalian spinal cord. YouTube. Indico.

December 11, 2023. Aobo Li, Fast in Slow: AI in Rare Event Search. YouTube. Indico.

November 13, 2023. Miles Cranmer, Polymathic AI: Foundation Models for Science. YouTube. Indico.

June 12, 2023. Thea Aarrestad, Next-Generation Event Filtering at LHC: Leveraging Real-Time ML for Handling Massive LHC Data Streams. YouTube. Indico.

May 15, 2023. Anne Draelos, Real-time modeling with active interventions. YouTube. Indico.

May 1, 2023. Arka Majumdar, Challenges and Opportunities for Optical Neural Network. YouTube. Indico.

April 17, 2023. Niharika Sravan, Autonomous Real-time Decision-making in the Era of Multi-messenger Astronomy. YouTube. Indico.

November 7, 2022. David Z. Pan, Closing the Virtuous Cycle of AI for IC and IC for AI. YouTube. Indico.

October 24, 2022. Nick Steinmetz, Distributed coding of vision, action, and cognition in the mouse brain. YouTube. Indico.

September 12, 2022. Andreas Søgaard, Machine Learning in IceCube. YouTube. Indico.

August 8, 2022. Benjamin Nachman, Towards Online Anomaly Detection for Particle Physics. YouTube. Indico.

July 11, 2022. Jonathan Gair, Rapid and robust parameter estimation for gravitational wave observations. YouTube. Indico.

June 6, 2022. Georgia Karagiorgi, Machine Learning for Fundamental Physics Discovery with High Resolution Particle Imaging Detectors. YouTube. Indico.

May 2, 2022. Zhiru Zhang, A Pursuit of Efficient and Accurate Binary Neural Networks. Indico.

April 4, 2022. Anqi Wu, Understand The Brain Using Interpretable Machine Learning Models. YouTube. Indico.

March 7, 2022. Ashley Villar, Time-domain Astrophysics in the Era of Big Data. YouTube. Indico.

February 14, 2022. Vladimir Lončar, The hls4ml project and the future of deploying ultrafast deep learning on specialized hardware. Indico.

February 7, 2022. Kyle Cranmer, Accelerating Simulation-based Inference. YouTube. Indico.

November 1, 2021. Pan Li, Pre-kickoff seminar: HAC. YouTube. Indico.

October 25, 2021. Amy Orsborn, Pre-kickoff seminar: Neuroscience. YouTube. Indico.

October 18, 2021. Miaoyuan Liu, Pre-kickoff seminar: HEP. YouTube. Indico.

October 11, 2021. Michael Coughlin, Pre-kickoff seminar: MMA. YouTube. Indico.

Seminar Committee Members

Daniel Diaz, University of California San Diego.

Matthew Graham, California Institute of Technology.

Brian Healy, University of Minnesota.

Vladimir Lončar, CERN.

Amy Orsborn, University of Washington.

Kate Scholberg, Duke University.

Hanchen Ye, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.