Monthly Seminars

Monthly virtual seminars to cover the latest developments in real-time AI.

Upcoming seminars:

A3D3 seminar: AI models of population dynamics precisely link state space trajectories with behavior in the mammalian spinal cord
AMD Seminar – Fast in Slow: AI in Rare Event Search by Aobo Li

A3D3 seminar: Polymathic AI: Foundation Models for Science by Miles Cranmer
AMD Seminar – Nhan Tran
A3D3 seminar: Leveraging Real-Time ML for Handling Massive LHC Data Streams by Thea Aarrestad
A3D3 seminar: Real-time Modeling with Active Interventions by Anne Draelos
A3D3 seminar: Challenges and Opportunities for Optical Neural Network by Arka Majumdar

A3D3 Seminar: Autonomous Real-time Decision-making in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy
A3D3 Seminar: Closing the Virtuous Cycle of AI for IC and IC for AI by David Z. Pan
A3D3 Seminar: Distributed coding of vision, action and cognition in the mouse brain | Nick Steinmetz
A3D3 Seminar: Machine Learning in IceCube | Andreas Søgaard
A3D3 Seminar: Towards Online Anomaly Detection for Particle Physics | Benjamin Nachman
A3D3 Seminar: Rapid and robust parameter estimation for gravitational wave | Jonathan Gair
A3D3 Seminar: Machine Learning for Discovery with Particle Imaging Detectors | Georgia Karagiorgi
A3D3 Seminar: Understand The Brain Using Interpretable Machine Learning Models | Anqi Wu
A3D3 Seminar: Time-domain Astrophysics in the Era of Big Data | Ashley Villar
A3D3 Seminar: Accelerating Simulation-based Inference | Kyle S. Cranmer