A3D3 Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program

The A3D3 Postbaccalaureate Fellowship Program is a one-year research opportunity in neuroscience, high energy physics, astronomy, computer science, and/or electrical engineering, for recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree. The aim of the program is to increase participation of traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM, such as African American/Black, Chicano/Latino, Native American/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiin/Pacific Islander, and Filipino in A3D3-supported research.

Each year, four postbac fellows are selected following a nationwide search. Based on preferences and availability, they are matched to one of the projects listed at ​​https://a3d3.ai/careers/ at one of the hosting institutions. Postbac fellows have access to professional development opportunities, including career guidance and graduate school preparation. The program acts as a bridge to graduate school and industry. The Equity & Career Committee manages the program.



2023-2024 Postbac Fellows

Jada Marshall

Institute: Purdue University

Interest areas: Neuroscience

Supervisor: Maria Makin

Lucie Afko

Institute: Duke University

Interest areas: High Energy Physics, Multi-messenger Astronomy

Supervisor: Kate Scholberg

Kira Nolan

Institute: California Institue of Technology

Interest areas: Multi-messenger Astronomy

Supervisor: Matthew Graham

Malina Desai

Institute: Massachusetts Insitute of Technology

Interest areas: Multi-messenger Astronomy

Supervisors: Philip Harris, Erik Katsavounidis

2022-2023 Postbac Fellows

Lauren Peterson

Institute: University of Washington

Interest areas: Neuroscience

Supervisor: Amy Orsborn

Van Tha Bik Lian

Institute: Duke University

Interest areas: High Energy Physics, Multi-Messenger Astronomy

Supervisor: Kate Scholberg

Andy Skivington

Institute: University of California San Diego

Interest areas: High Energy Physics

Supervisor: Javier Duarte

Abby Gray

Institute: University of Minnesota

Interest areas: Multi-Messenger Astronomy

Supervisor: Michael Coughlin