Equity & Career Committee

The charge of the A3D3 Equity & Career Committee includes coordinating the A3D3 Postbaccaulreate Fellowship Program (including reviewing applications), coordinating mentoring, reviewing/revising the code of conduct, and conducting the merit review of the Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) for the A3D3 institute.


Committee Membership 2023-2024

  • Javier Duarte (UCSD, Faculty, co-chair)
  • Maria Dadarlat Makin (Purdue, Faculty, co-chair)
  • Mark Neubauer (UIUC, Faculty)
  • Aobo Li (UCSD, Faculty Affiliate)
  • Elham E Khoda (UW, Postdoc)
  • Melissa Quinnan (UCSD, Postdoc)
  • Janina Hakenm├╝ller (Duke, Postdoc)
  • Yuan-Tang Chou (UW, Postdoc)
  • Brian Healy (UMN, Postdoc)
  • Anthony Aportela (UCSD, Grad student)
  • Noah Paladino (MIT, Grad student)