Version dated: 8/16/2022

The primary mission of the A3D3 Institute is to lead a paradigm shift in the application of real-time artificial intelligence at scale to advance scientific knowledge and accelerate discovery. A3D3 recognizes that the best and brightest new ideas come from highly-motivated, creative members and collaborators from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and disciplines. The A3D3 goals can only be achieved by creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive environment free from harassment, intimidation, retaliation, and discrimination.

Below we outline the principles of conduct expected at all career levels and all positions of members of A3D3 and participants in A3D3 activities and the processes for promoting a productive and welcoming environment within our community.


As a community that strives to promote a productive, inclusive and welcoming environment, we require at all times:

  • Treatment of one another with dignity and respect in all forms of interaction and communication
  • The equitable treatment of all members of our community. This includes all axes of human identity related to age, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexuality, and physical ability/accessibility. It also includes equal respect and equitable support for early-career participants.
  • Conduct yourself with the utmost scientific integrity and standards of professional ethics
  • Respect the confidentiality of information if and when that confidentiality is warranted, for example, sensitive discussions in internal A3D3 meetings
  • Support and encourage each other’s personal and professional growth and well-being
  • Act as needed and appropriate to help maintain an inclusive and welcoming environment for the activities of the A3D3 institute

Furthermore, members of the A3D3 and participants in A3D3 activities may not engage in retaliation against anyone for objecting to a behavior that may violate this code, reporting a violation of this code, or participating in the resolution of such a concern or complaint.


If you are aware of violations of this code or have any concerns about the conduct of those participating in A3D3 activities, please consider reporting it.

You may report violations by contacting any member of the A3D3 Equity & Career (E&C) Committee via email or by using the web form at The web form has the option of anonymity and is only sent to the A3D3 E&C Committee co-chairs (Javier Duarte and Mia Liu).

The current members of the A3D3 E&C Committee and email addresses are:

Links to institute-specific reporting resources


We will make every effort to ensure anonymity or confidentiality if so desired. We will conduct the following actions.

  • Investigate the incident by speaking to witnesses and other people involved in the incident
  • Potentially escalate to institute-specific reporting
  • If the reporting is not anonymous, follow up with the reporter


Aspects of this code of conduct were inspired by and adapted from