A3D3 Meeting Agenda

We use a powerful event (meetings, conferences, lectures) management system developed at CERN: Indico.

A3D3 Colloquia

We are organizing a series of talks featuring leaders at the intersection of AI and science and engineering. It is tentatively scheduled at 12pm (PDT) in the first week of each month. Detailed agenda will be announced soon.

A3D3 pre-kick-off Workshops

  • Oct 11 2021 "Machine Learning in the Multi-Messenger Era", Michael Coughlin (UMN) indico
  • Oct 18 2021 "Artificial Intelligence Accelerated Discoveries At the Large Hadron Collider", Miaoyuan Liu (Purdue) indico
  • Oct 25 2021 "Understanding & interfacing with the brain: challenges and opportunities"by Amy Orsborn (UW) indico
  • Nov 01 2021 "Pre-kickoff seminar: Hardware and Algorithm Co-design" indico
    • "A3D3 GNN", Pan Li (Purdue)
    • "A3D3 HLS4ML", Dylan S. Rankin (MIT)
    • "A3D3 PyLog and ScaleHLS", Deming Chen (UIUC)
    • "A3D3 PVCNN and PointACC", Song Han (MIT)

A3D3 Institute Events

  • Nov 8-10 2021 "A3D3 Kick-off meeting", Indico