A3D3 Meeting Announcements

To receive mails with upcoming meeting and seminar announcements please join the following Google Group: a3d3-announcements.

A3D3 Meeting Agenda

We use a powerful event (meetings, conferences, lectures) management system developed at CERN: Indico.

A3D3 Seminars

We have organized a series of talks featuring leaders at the intersection of AI and science and engineering. Talks are tentatively scheduled at 12pm (PDT). Below is the planned agenda for 2023:

The members of the Seminar Committee are:

  • Matthew Graham (Education co-lead)
  • Kate Scholberg (Education co-lead)
  • Vladimir Loncar (A3D3 scientist)
  • Daniel Diaz (HEP)
  • Hanchen Ye (HAC)
  • Brian Healy (MMA)
  • Amy Orsbourn (Neuro)

Past Events

A3D3 pre-kick-off Workshops

  • Oct 11 2021 "Machine Learning in the Multi-Messenger Era", Michael Coughlin (UMN) indico
  • Oct 18 2021 "Artificial Intelligence Accelerated Discoveries At the Large Hadron Collider", Miaoyuan Liu (Purdue) indico
  • Oct 25 2021 "Understanding & interfacing with the brain: challenges and opportunities"by Amy Orsborn (UW) indico
  • Nov 01 2021 "Pre-kickoff seminar: Hardware and Algorithm Co-design" indico
    • "A3D3 GNN", Pan Li (Purdue)
    • "A3D3 HLS4ML", Dylan S. Rankin (MIT)
    • "A3D3 PyLog and ScaleHLS", Deming Chen (UIUC)
    • "A3D3 PVCNN and PointACC", Song Han (MIT)

Kick-off Meeting

  • Nov 8-10 2021 "A3D3 Kick-off meeting", Indico